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Game Engagement Mechanics

Our Game Engagement Mechanics, also known as GEMs, add a unique element to gameplay through different changes to the reels. They elevate games to something recognisable and enjoyable for Yggdrasil fans across the globe.

We now have ten GEMs in our offering: DoubleMax, DuoMax, FastPot5, GigaBlox, GigaRise, MultiMax, Splitz, TopHit, WildEnergy and Wild Fight. All of these bring something different to games, and have proven to be incredibly popular among our player base.

  • DoubleMax™

    DoubleMax is powering the success of our hugely popular Raptor DoubleMax. This amazing GEM doubles multipliers on each cascading win with no limit, revealing enormous win potential. The multiplier is usually a single, global multiplier.

    On the 3×5 reels, Raptor DoubleMax features a doubling multiplier, where every consecutive win doubles your multiplier, with no limit to its extent. Since multipliers double, they are increased exponentially (x1, x2, x4, x8, x16, x32, x64…) and they can easily go into the hundreds very quickly!

  • DuoMax™

    Traditionally, most slot games have one multiplier that increases with consecutive wins. However, we took this concept above and beyond and created DuoMax, which takes the traditional single multiplier and instead turns it into two separate multipliers.

    This gives the option to have reels pay from separate ways and therefore give more potential to a player to increase their wins by significant amounts.

    DuoMax powers our apocalyptic release Florageddon! DuoMax, where multipliers are placed on either side of the reels. Therefore, paylines do not only pay from the left side of the reels, but also from the right. With every winning combination, the unlimited multipliers keep increasing and are sustained during Free Spins!

  • FastPot5™

    FastPot5 games have five, quick hitting jackpots that are tied to and awarded by an event that requires 5 collections.

    The jackpot is an amount of money that increases by a small, predetermined contribution each time the game is played. When won it resets to the initial value. Big jackpot wins are always possible with FastPot5!

    Our Ancient Greece themed game Elysian Jackpots places one jackpot at the top of each reel, having a total of five. Each jackpot is unlocked during Free Spins, where players can collect respective gemstones to win the jackpot. Suspense is unlimited with FastPot5!

  • GigaBlox™

    GigaBlox is all about massively sized symbols dynamically appearing on the reels during every spin. From the first spin, it is super clear what the framework is about, as the reels sync up to form stacked blox of various sizes on different reels.

    For example, a spin could have three reels filled with stacks of 2×2 blox, and the next one could have two reels filled with stacks of 3×3 blox. Line up huge blox on the reels for massive wins!

    Lucky Neko GigaBlox features a free game with bigger reels where stacked GigaBlox can reach a whopping 6×6.

    Our second release builds off the first – introducing GigaBlox battles, a truly innovative gaming experience!

  • GigaRise™

    Will you rise up and create even more massive ways to win? GigaRise is all about building up those reels; special symbols landing in-game will increase the height of the reels they land on. The number of ways grows exponentially with each expansion!

    And what’s power without persistence? The height of any reel will persist between spins. When a reel reaches maximum height, an award event is granted, whether it be Free Spins or another round of the Bonus Game. After that, the reel’s height resets so players can GigaRise all over again! With its 5 progressive Jackpots, the first game using the GigaRise mechanics was Atlantean GigaRise.

  • MultiMax™

    MultiMax encompasses a framework of games that accumulate multipliers on the reels. After each win, all reels having at least 1 symbol contributing to the win have their corresponding multipliers applied to the win, essentially creating a win multiplier equal to the product of all activated reel multipliers.

    For example, a 4-of-a-kind win from left to right would have its win multiplied by the four activated multipliers on reels 1,2,3 and 4, excluding the 5th reel multiplier that was not activated by any winning symbol.

    In Multifly! MultiMax, our first MultiMax title, multipliers on each reel increase by one for every Wild that lands on the corresponding reel, including a random Wild that’s guaranteed to appear after each cascade. As long as the cascading continues, the reel multipliers will increase with each new Wild. All reel multipliers will reset to 1 at the start of a new bet. If 3 scatters land during the base game, the reel multipliers accumulated on the base game bet continue to increase in the free games with each Wild that lands, and do not reset until all free games and cascades have been played.

  • Splitz™

    Splitz is all about mystery symbols that split to give you more – more ways, extra scatters, longer lines, or bigger clusters.

    With Splitz, the goal is clear – land as many Splitz symbols and have them split as much as you can for big win potential.

    With all Splitz symbols transforming into the same symbol with each spin, players continuously get moments of excitement where if the right symbol is revealed from all those Splitz created, and big wins will follow!

    In our first released Splitz game, Temple Stacks, Splitz can split ways for over 200,000 ways to win, whereas Neon Rush offers up to 15-of-a-kind line wins and scatters that can split for awards up to 25,000x!

  • TopHit™

    The innovative TopHit mechanic places a separate horizontal reel at the top of the classic vertical reels, adding an extra exciting variable to gameplay. Landing symbols which fully occupy spaces on the TopHit reel influences the result of the actual gameplay, so the stakes are high with this GEM!

    In our first TopHit game Starfire Fortunes TopHit, the mechanic can contribute to scatter trigger or turn corresponding symbols into Wilds. Symbols that do not land fully on the TopHit reel may also be nudged to land fully, creating even bigger opportunities for astronomical wins!

  • WildEnergy™

    WildEnergy is a GEM which shakes up the concept of Wilds for more exciting gameplay.

    A WildEnergy Wild can land on screen with a number of lives associated with it. Lives are activated via a specific trigger, typically, when the symbol is part of a win. These Wilds turn sticky and trigger Respins for as long as there are more lives. Additional WildEnergy symbols can land on the screen during Respins, creating the possibility of an infinite number of wins!

    The elemental Ragnawolves WildEnergy is powered by this mechanic, and up to a whopping four lives can land with each WildEnergy symbol!

  • Wild Fight™

    Wild Fight is a special feature where each high paying symbol that lands on the reels has the chance to become Wild. Each high pay fights a character where it either wins or loses, and one of these results generally turns the high pay into a Wild. All outcomes are different for each symbol, and Wilds obtained through this feature may have some special features, such as a 100% chance of victory!

    Being one of our most innovative mechanics, Wild Fight is a special feature where each of the high paying symbols that lands on the reels has the chance to become Wild.

    The player sees a fight animation where each high pay fights a character, and either wins or loses. Usually, one of these outcomes causes the high pay to turn into a Wild, depending on the individual game’s narrative.

    The result is always a mystery, as all outcomes are individual for each and every symbol.

    Wild Fight can either be triggered randomly during the base game or when a certain condition is met, for example during the bonus round. All wins are evaluated once, after the fights take place.

    The Wilds obtained through the feature may have special attributes (e.g. ‘sticky’), and sometimes, there might be a 100% chance of victory during Wild Fight!


YGG Forge

Our game development toolkit collectively streamlines the development process, enabling efficient collaboration, reducing time investment, and ensuring visual consistency. From rapid prototyping to seamless communication with platforms, our toolkit covers essential programming steps, making game development accessible and efficient.

  • iSense

    iSense is a set of specially crafted slot components that makes it easy to quickly add slot functionality to games. Our toolkit uses ready-to-use building blocks and a unified interface, streamlining the game development process for faster results.

  • GDK

    GDK is a collection of libraries and tools designed to support game development, foster scalability and agility. It enables quick prototyping and visualisation of game servers with a unified set of APIs. In addition, GDK empowers front-end development teams, boosting efficiency and cutting down the time spent on game development. This unified approach ensures ongoing testability and simplifies and reduces the cost of external game certification.

  • iQA

    Testing games more efficiently

    iQA is a suite of technologies designed for automating the testing of game visual consistency. It drastically reduces the need for manual testing, increases productivity, and decreases the overall time required for game development.

  • PartnerConnect

    PartnerConnect is Yggdrasil’s JavaScript front-end library designed to facilitate communication between a game-client and the Yggdrasil Platform. It serves as an integration tool, providing access to the Game Client API, essential utilities, UI elements for compliance with gambling licensing authorities, and Yggdrasil marketing tools. It is an integral component of the GATI flow, enabling the smooth deployment and interaction of games on the Yggdrasil Platform.

  • SlotMaker

    SlotMaker revolutionises iGaming with its innovative game engine, enabling non-programmers to effortlessly build games. This all-in-one tool standardises prototypes, facilitating easy sharing among coworkers and significantly shortening development time. Covering every programming step in game development, this tool simplifies game adjustments, ensuring a shorter feedback loop for more efficient and collaborative experiences while building games.


YGG Phoenix

On our platform, cutting-edge features converge to elevate the gaming experience. Our integrated solution seamlessly combines multi-cloud infrastructure support for optimal flexibility, game development methods that allow for faster game distribution, as well as smooth connectivity across diverse systems. This unified environment opens new possibilities, revolutionising operation and fostering growth.

  • Multi cloud infrastructure support

    Multi-cloud infrastructure support gives organisations the ability to use and manage multiple cloud computing platforms simultaneously.

  • GATI

    Game Adaptation Tools and Interfaces

    GATI is a ready-to-use toolkit designed for compliant content development. With standardised technology, studios and developers can create and distribute games worldwide effortlessly.

    This allows our partners to efficiently source, build, and distribute content, accelerating global expansion and opening up new avenues for revenue growth—all through a unified interface.

  • Integration API

    Integration Application Programming Interfaces

    Integration APIs are a set of rules, protocols, and tools facilitating seamless communication and data exchange between diverse software applications or systems. They are essential to enable efficient communication and data flow across disparate systems, applications, or services. Integration APIs enhance overall system functionality and interoperability.


What are BOOST Tools?

With Yggdrasil games you get access to BOOST, a state-of-the-art collection of in-game promotional tools designed to increase player activity and retention.

This includes in-game tournaments, prize drops, missions and free spins. These tools are available on all Yggdrasil games and they are free and easy to use and set up.

  • Tournament

    • Classic Leaderboard tool
    • Leaderboard is based on highest multiplier win
    • Can be followed by a raffle
    • Supports cash and custom prizes
  • Mission

    • Leaderboard-based
    • Leaderboard is based on minimum number of spins used to fulfil game objective
    • Can be followed by a raffle
    • Supports cash and custom prizes
  • Prize Drop

    • Instant reward
    • Cash prizes
    • No wagering requirements
  • Free Spins

    • Supported in all games and currencies
    • Expected campaign cost calculation

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