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Boost is our innovative collection of in-game promotional tools which have revolutionised the way operators promote online slots. Previously, promotional tools tended to be restricted to free spins and poorly-executed tournaments. BOOST™ allows operators to easily run promotions from within the game client. It includes:

  • In-game tournaments. So there is no need for players to leave the game window to check on their leaderboard position and the overall result.
  • Cash Race. This allows operators to run cash drop tournaments over a specific time period.
  • BRAG. An industry-first social sharing tool which allows players to share big wins with contacts on social channels.
  • Missions. A cross-game gamification concept proven to boost retention and engagement.

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Source is our dedicated client zone. A centralised source of information about all things Yggdrasil. Source aims at making our clients’ experience of our products the best one possible thanks to its user-friendly interface and wealth of information available at super-fast speeds.

Yggdrasil iSENSE

iSENSE 2.0

We are proud to be the first major game provider to switch fully to HTML5, and its HTML client framework iSENSE 2.0 continues to lead the field. Its core features include:

  • Cross-platform functionality. The desktop and mobile game clients use the same assets so the game is scaled automatically to fit different screen sizes.
  • Great loading times. The best loading algorithm in the industry, achieved through a mix of optimised download protocol that loads part of the assets in the background after the game has started.
  • Slick UI. The smoothest, sleekest user interface on the market.
  • Advanced Particle Engine. This allows us to create cutting-edge effects and character animations.
  • Access to our revolutionary in-game promo tools. Our BOOST and BRAG tools are favourites of operators and players alike.
  • No auto-sleep or auto-pause. When playing on a mobile, our games don’t go to auto-sleep or screensaver when you play auto-play.

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BRAG is the player-facing subsection of BOOST which is aimed at increasing player involvement. It allows players to watch replays of winning spins and share them with friends and fans on social media. BRAG is very easy to set up and is available across multiple Yggdrasil games.

Its features include:

  • Replay&Share. This allows replaying and sharing winning rounds in tournament leaderboards.
  • Big Win replays. Players can share and watch the replays of any big wins.